About Us


CompanySetup is a professional services company that was formed four years ago by a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Lawyer and an IT Systems entrepreneur. The three of us identified through personal experience that most entrepreneurs found business start-up and survival to be difficult due to complex legislative requirements in South Africa and also the lack of affordable good professional and independent advice for smaller businesses.

We found that 8 out of 10 new businesses FAILED and this was not always because the idea was not good. Rather it was the lack of correct structures and sustainability planning.

The risk for most small to medium-sized businesses we found to exist at startup and also during growth stages, where businesses tend to grow too quickly too soon. We saw an opportunity to provide a service to small and medium sized businesses to increase the chances of the business taking off the ground, growing successfully and staying in business by providing you with affordable professional services and sound advice.

Our approach at CompanySetup differs to other businesses because we offer you a “one stop shop” for what we have seen are core professional services areas for a new or growing small to medium-sized business.

In order to provide this quality professional and affordable service to all our clients in critical areas we have identified, we rely on our strong professional consultants who have specialised in specific fields, although one of our main focal points tends to be sound Financial Management. It is in our best interest to assist you to succeed as an entrepreneur as we aim to work with you and your business in all the different stages from start-up to maturity, providing affordable services and advice along the way as required. Therefore it is a win-win situation and a longterm partnership.